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You Need This Half Butterfly Triangle Choke!

You Need This Half Butterfly Triangle Choke!


Half Guard Master Reveals Triangle Right Under Our Nose

Most of us get caught up using our half guard to try to control the weight and pressure our opponents are able to inflict on us, while we are desperately trying not to let them pass our guards.  Last year, Tom DeBlass released a game-changing half guard series known as Half Domination.  In this series, Tom shared many of the submission possibilities that are available from this previously thought of "defensive only" position.  He continues this approach with his brand new release The Half Butterfly Guard.

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With the addition of the butterfly hook to his patented half guard game, DeBlass takes an even more aggressive and attacking approach in this series.  Filled with kimuras, back takes, leg submission entries, as well as sweeps, this series will be a perfect compliment and aggressive extension to the Half Domination series.

Omoplata and Triangles Abound in Half Butterfly Guard

In the video below, excerpted from The Half Butterfly Guard, Tom DeBlass breaks down the availability of both the omoplata and triangle submission, with more of the focus on the triangle.  The omoplata becomes a waypoint on the way to the triangle.  By the close of the video you will be given a number of triangle options that cover each and every possibility that an opponent could present.

Check out the video below!

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