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Butterfly Guard Master Wins Black Belt Open Class

Butterfly Guard Master Wins Black Belt Open Class


 Adam Wardzinski Wins Poznan Open 2018

The longer you spend training and watching competitive BJJ, the more you will begin to see the cycle of life of certain positions.  As new guards, sweeps, submissions or positions come into favor, it can be easy to forget the classic, old-school positions that have worked and will continue to work until the end of time.  The beauty of jiu jitsu is the amount of individual creativity the art allows for an infinite number of variations and styles to organically develop as people absorb techniques into their games.

Which is why it is nice to see the return to prominence of some the classic positions and techniques that we learn early on and see them working on the highest levels on the competitive circuit.  Adam Wardzinski is one of the world's best black belt competitors out there today and he utilizes one of the first guard styles people learn and quickly try to move on from in favor of things that are more complicated or more in style at the moment.  The butterfly guard is one of the oldest open guard styles out there and was used very effectively in the early BJJ competition days extremely effectively.  

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 Butterfly Guard Has Long Winning History

There have been a number of OG grapplers who have used butterfly guard extremely effectively, like Renzo Gracie and Marcelo Garcia to just name a few of the most successful.  Over the years, the focus for many up and coming jiu jiteiros has been styles of guard and games that work for more inversion and such, but recently with grapplers like Adam Wardzinski and Rafael "Formiga" Barbosa achieving success on the competition mats, butterfly guard is making a comback.

Check out this match from Poznan Poland in April and watch Adam Wardzinski put his butterfly guard mastery on the line!

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