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Bernardo Faria Z Guard Breakdown

Bernardo Faria Z Guard Breakdown


Half Guard Master Bernardo Faria Gets Analyzed

You can learn a lot cruising through YouTube despite what the BJJ elitists say.  In this great break down of the game of 5 time world champion and one of the few people to ever win the black belt open class championship for the IBJJF, Bernardo Faria displays tons of valuable things we can add to our BJJ game plans.  This video focuses on Bernardo's use of the Z Guard which was just one nuance of his half guard game that has earned him the right to be referred to by many as the "Michael Jordan" of half guard.

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Be A Master Of a Few Techniques

Take some time to study the game plan of Bernardo Faria.  He is a great example of a person who created a specific BJJ approach which focused on only a handful of moves, but he was able to make those moves work for him against any opponent and in any situation.  Often times new students think they need to know 1000 moves to be successful, when in reality being able to pull a few moves off on any opponent is the true path to success.

Also pay attention to how Bernardo's use of Z Guard, his grips and under hooks would ultimately set him up into his favorite style of passing, pressure passing utilizing the Over Under pass above all.  A simple, but extremely successful combination that took him to the top of the podium making him one of the most successful competitors in history.  Enjoy the video below!


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