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Joe Rogan and Jocko Call Jiu Jitsu a Super Power

Joe Rogan and Jocko Call Jiu Jitsu a Super Power


Podcast Powerhouses Discuss Power of BJJ

Joe Rogan, television personality, UFC commentator and host to the popular Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and Jocko Willink, author, former Navy Seal got together during an episode of Joe's podcast to discuss the unique nature of jiu jitsu and their own experiences with the art.  Joe holds a black belt from Eddie Bravo and Jocko Willink is a black belt from ADCC and MMA legend Dean LIster.

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Take some time to listen to their thoughts on the role jiu jitsu has played in their lives.  

 Jocko Willink's long time friend, instructor and business partner, Dean Lister is a true OG of the American grappling scene.  Known as a leg locker over a decade before it was fashionable, Dean was the guy who influenced John Danaher to begin studying leg submissions.  Head over to BJJ Fanatics and get Dean's influential K.A.T.C.H. Leg Attack System today!





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