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Ever Done Jiu-Jitsu. . . on Weed?

Ever Done Jiu-Jitsu. . . on Weed?


Is BJJ Class at 4:20?

You’ve probably seen the viral video of Jeff Glover and George Karakhanyan enjoying a joint on the mat alongside referee Eddie Bravo before their match at the High Rollerz tournament this past June.

High Rollerz is the brain child of “Big Lonn” Howard and “Mighty Matt” Staudt. Just in case you thought it was a one-off competition where everyone was just getting high, High Rollerz happens to be a movement aimed at combining the worlds of weed and martial arts in an effort to shed light on the positive impact cannabis can have on training and performance. Showing the ability for high level athletes to perform under the influence of cannabis is a focal point of the High Rollerz mission, and they’ve chosen the BJJ competition stage as a proving ground.

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Matt Staudt pioneered the Staudt Agency in 2013, setting its sights on helping cannabis related businesses tackle the difficult endeavors of advertising, and now he’s extended his reach to the world of martial arts. In a recent interview with Playboy, Staudt passionately speaks about his advocation for cannabis and its benefits. He reveals that cannabis had replaced a bad relationship with alcohol for him, and raves about the focus, drive, and motivation to get healthy cannabis provided for him, simply stating, “smoking weed was actually the best thing I’ve done to this day.” He goes on to speak about the positive effects cannabis has on reducing stress, and anxiety before training, and also assists with focus and awareness during BJJ sessions.

Can Cannabis Improve Or Hurt Your BJJ?

Staudt is not alone. Lots of practitioners are advocates for cannabis use, and many BJJ players just plain enjoy it. Though not all are as up front about their use as some, it seems Staudt is hoping to change that, and make cannabis use less of a dark subject in BJJ.

But there is also a flipside of those who believe that this sort of “in your face” use of the substance isn’t necessary and that it’s disrespectful to the purity of the art. Some argue that coping with the stress and anxiety that BJJ can invoke in you is part of the natural process, and to skip the step of learning to be uncomfortable is, in a way, cheating the natural order of things.

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Where do you stand?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding cannabis use as whole right now. And the more prevalent legal use becomes, the more it will show its influence in all circles, including BJJ.

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