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For Those About to Roll, We Salute You!

For Those About to Roll, We Salute You!


Rock Music and BJJ Tour Together

If you’re a fan of the heavier music scene there’s probably a good chance you’ve heard of the band Trivium. What you may not know is that their lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist is an avid BJJ practitioner. Matt Heafy has been practicing BJJ since 2013 under Gustavo ‘Gutty’ Muggiati, and has become quite the spokesmen for the benefits of BJJ.

Calling up the similarities between BJJ and being in a band, Heafy states, “the only way to get good at these things is to put in the time.” In addition to sharpening his musical talents daily, he also makes time to train BJJ at least 6 days a week, and brings his own mats on the road.

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If you’ve ever toured the world playing heavy metal music (who hasn’t?) then you know how strenuous it can be on your body and mind. Late nights, loud music, the parties, trekking thousands of miles to get to the next venue. It may seem glamourous from the outside, but it’s actually a ton of hard work. Where do you find peace in all this chaos? Heafy has employed BJJ as a way to provide an outlet and it’s lent itself to him as a new means of inspiration for his musical endeavors as well.

In an interview with The Jiu-Jitsu Times, Heafy talks about being exposed to MMA at early age through watching it with father, which sparked an initial interest in the sport. He also recalled watching UFC bouts during Trivium’s recording sessions and examining the fighters’ positions and submissions with the band’s producer. While on tour in Brazil, Heafy fell in love with the country and concluded that he would be making BJJ a regular part of his life. He also expresses his interest in leg locks, stating, “Recently, I have been shown the world of leg locks. Interestingly, I feel that I understand leg-locks far better than anything arms or choke based. Leg defense and offense feel like things I can pick up and understand quicker than the same for arms. I love a stray ankle of an opponent. Haha”

Styles of BJJ Can Be Compared to Music Genres

In an interview with Inquisitir, Heafy uses a metaphor to compare BJJ to music. Specifically, he compares the metal sub-genre “black metal” to leg locks, stating, “if BJJ is kind of a blanket statement of metal and rock and hardcore and punk – if that’s what BJJ is – heel-hooks is ‘black metal”, referring to the mystique and curiosity surrounding leg locks.

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When standouts of other community’s train jiu-jitsu, we feel a certain connection, knowing these icons of their genres are experiencing the very same struggles and benefitting from the art in similar ways. BJJ is the great equalizer. It makes us all a little more human.

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