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The Kicking Sweep from Z Guard

The Kicking Sweep from Z Guard

 Using the Z Guard to Reverse Opponents

Bernardo Faria recently hosted black belt Joseph Cashin at his Academy in Massachusetts.  While visiting, Joseph showed one of his favorite sweeps from the Z Guard Position.  The Z Guard is a variation of Half Guard used notably by BJJ athletes like Craig Jones, Bernardo Faria and Tom DeBlass.  It typically involves the of a low knee shield driving into the hip and a bottom hooking leg in conjunction to help manage the distance between the player and opponent.

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Check out the Z Guard Kicking Sweep from Joseph Cashin below.  Pay close attention to his use of grips and freeing his leg once the sweep is initiated.  If you don't, you could find yourself at the wrong end of a straight foot lock!

For more Z Guard intricacies check out Craig Jones' excellent instructional aptly named The Z Guard Encyclopedia!  You can get it here today!