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Why Do You Need the Hip Heist?

Why Do You Need the Hip Heist?


Tom DeBlass Says Hip Heist Keeps Opponent Guessing

ADCC and UFC veteran Tom DeBlass has a way of cutting through the crap and telling it like it is.  His no-nonsense approach to BJJ and life make him a hugely popular presence on social media.  With his new release The Half Butterfly Guard from BJJ Fanatics, he continues his mission of sharing aspects of his Half Guard game that helped make his Half Domination series one of the most successful DVD and Online instructionals in the history of BJJ Fanatics.

In the video below, excerpted from The Half Butterfly Guard, Tom explores the importance of the Hip Heist as a concept to be used to put ourselves in better positions in relation to our opponent.  There is a danger for DeBlass in remaining in one place too long, or staying passively in a position, waiting for our opponent's to make a move.  It is imperative that we are always staying active in order to keep our opponent's on their heels and keep them guessing.  Check out the video below to hear Tom explain it for yourself.

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DeBlass' Hip Heist Challenges Unwritten Rules of Jiu Jitsu

Tom DeBlass makes it a point to always call out the "unwritten" rules of jiu jitsu to challenge how we look at things and to force us to no longer accept things that don't really make a lot of sense.  In this example, Tom points out that there is an unwritten rule that the only way to get into a top or dominant position is to sweep the opponent, when in reality, simply by stepping out and up with the hips, we can force the opponent to either attack our leg that steps up, allow us to achieve a better position than previously held, or if they stand up, they are giving us the space for leg entries or other potential sweep opportunities.  The key is to stay active and utilize the hips, making these adjustments which create openings that weren't there previously.

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 The Butterfly Half Guard By Tom DeBlass

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