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Make Your Opponents Tap to Side Control Pressure

Make Your Opponents Tap to Side Control Pressure


Coral Belt Legend Shows Side Control Pressure Secrets

 Recently, 5 time world champion, Bernardo Faria caught up with BJJ legend and Coral Belt Sergio Penha.  Sergio Penha is well-known throughout the jiu jitsu community as being one of the toughest fighters from the early days of the sport.  He is credited with giving Rickson Gracie his toughest BJJ match ever, back in the 80s when they were both at their competitive peak.

Bernardo was able to take some time and pick Sergio's brain on how best to create side control pressure and pick up any submissions from that position.  Check out the video below and get ready to crush the life out of your opponents and training partners.

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Sergio Penha Shows Simply Adjustments that Make Side Control Pressure Unbearable

The keys to making your side control completely unbearable from this old school legend are relatively simple.  In this set up, Sergio switches his ride and takes a kesa gatame style scarf hold side control.  By keeping his toes engaged and his butt off the floor he is able to maximize the weight that Bernardo must carry.  He seals the deal with the palm up grip on the back of the gi collar which further constricts Bernardo's movement and also his breathing.

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The short demonstration ends with Sergio Penha showing one of his favorite submissions from this killer side control position.  With Bernardo's only defense being to keep his arms heavy and try to prevent Sergio from walking his hips across, Sergio will grab Bernardo's head and step over, allowing him to pin the arm.  This puts Bernardo is a severely uncomfortable position which will force him to use his one free, untrapped arm to push Sergio away, allowing it to be snatched up and torqued.  A brutal, but efficient submission built launched from this horrible position.

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