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Absolute Brackets for IBJJF 2020 Euros Released!

Absolute Brackets for IBJJF 2020 Euros Released!


The 2020 IBJJF Euros Brackets have been released and there are some very interesting matchups possible.  

Michael Musumeci enters the open class at IBJJF Euros 2020

Of the 27 competitors registered for the division none turned more heads than Michael Musumeci entering the open class.  The Light Feather competitor and three time world champ is the lightest entrant into the 2020 European Open class.

Michael Musumeci is positioned at the top right of bracket one and has a possibility of meeting up with 2018 -100 kg champion Mahamed Aly in the quarter finals.  

Keenan Cornelius Seeded Number in 2020 IBJJF Euros Open Class

The American black belt has received the number one seed at this years European open class.  The last time Keenan competed at Euros in 2018 he took double gold at both weight and absolute, closing the bracket out with then teammate Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa.  This year in the open class with Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa not present a new lineup of potential semi finals and finals matchups possibly sit in front of Keenan. 

The most notable of possible matchups within bracket A for Keenan are Michael Musumeci or Mahamed Aly with these grapplers meeting in the semi finals of the Open Class.  Keenan and Aly having met three times in 2018 going 2-1 with Keenan taking the first two meetings and Aly taking the most recent third.  

Top level competition in bracket B for 2020 Euros Open Class

Bracket B of the Open Class is also full of talented grapplers with second seed Fellipe Andrew positioned at the bottom left of Bracket B and Santeri Lilius positioned in a location to meet the 2019 100 kg European champion in the round of 16.  

Igor Schneider seeded third in the Open Class is positioned with a first round bye on the right side of bracket B.  This side of bracket B also contains Jackson Sousa, and Manuel Ribamar.  Both who have seen success at Open Weight in the past.  Jackson is another potential favorite in this division having taken gold at IBJJF Euros twice before.  Although could potentially come up against Keenan in the finals of the open class, where Keenan has taken the last 4 matches at Black Belt. 

On the left side of bracket B we see Patrick Gaudio a clear power house at Open Weight he is positioned for a possible matchup against Fellipe Andrew in the quarter finals of bracket B. The two have never faced each other at black belt. 

Finals Possibilities for the Open Class at 2020 IBJJF Euros

Based on historic performances and the betting odds released for the divisions there would be no surprises to see Manuel Ribamar, Keenan Cornelius, Jackson Sousa, Fellipe Andre, Patrick Gaudio, or Mahamed Aly in the finals at of the Open Class.  

Possible and probable winners of Bracket A who we could see in the finals are Keenan Cornelius or Mahamed Aly.  Bracket B has more similarly seeded grapplers and therefore has a larger number of fighters who could take the victory.  Fellipe Andrew, Jackson Sousa, Igor Schneider, Manuel Ribamar, and Patrick Gaudio all have pathways to winning bracket B. 

A notable dark horse within the Open Class is Light Feather Michael Musumeci who had previously registered for the 2020 IBJJF Euros as a Roosterweight, moving his division close to the registration deadline up to Light Feather.  With the possibility of more than a 50 kg difference in weight between the Roosterweight and Light Feather IBJJF World Champion, he has no small task ahead of him if he is to win Open weight gold. He will have to take victories over both Mahamed Aly and Keenan Cornelius in bracket A to move into the finals of the Open Class. 



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