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Abu Dhabi Grand Slam: Abu Dhabi Event Overview

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam: Abu Dhabi Event Overview


On January 10-12, 2019, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Abu Dhabi event takes place.  This year marks the fifth year of the Grand Slam tour. The Grand Slam is one of the most prestigious and highest paid jiu jitsu world tours. It is managed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Jiu Jitsu Federation, and is supported by his Highness the Supreme Prince and Commander in Chief of the United Arab Emirates National Army, H.H. Sheik Mohamen Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

While the competitors have yet to be announced for this prestigious event, there will definitely be huge names vying for the cash prizes- for the black belt division: $2,500 for first place, $1,500 for second place, and $1,000 for third place, as well as cash prized for all lower belts, totaling $110,000.

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2018 Results:

In 2018, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam had its share of upsets and submissions.  In the 55kg division, roosterweight Jose Carlos Limo, 2016 IBJJF Brown Belt World Champion from GF Team, defeated Massaki Todoroko of Team Paraestra, by a score of 8-6, in a match that took place mostly in the 50/50 position.  This victory was Jose’s third grand slam gold medal of the season.

In the 62 kilogram division, Joao Miyao, IBJJF Black Belt World Championship Silver (2014, 2015, 2017) and Bronze (2018) medalist, defeated his teammate Hiago George by a toehold.  The teammates competed against each other because per the federation’s rules, there cannot be closeouts between teammates.

The 69 kilogram division was won by Joao’s twin brother, Paulo Miyao, the IBJJF Black Belt World Champion in 2015, and Silver Medalist in 2014.  Paulo defeated Tiago Bravo by a score of 6-0, with constand Berimbolo threats from his De La Riva guard.

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The other winners in the men’s division was Flavio Vianna defeating Australia’s Lachlan Giles 3 advantages to win the 77 kg category, Charles Negromonte winning a close referee’s decision over Isaque Bahiense (2018 IBJJF Black Belt World Champion), Unity Jiu Jitsu’s Helton Junior defeating Poland’s Adam Wardzinski by a last minute advantage in the 94 kg final.  Lastly, in the 110 kg category, Igor Silva defeathed Mauricio Lima by advantage after nearly submitting him with an armbar.

In the women’s brown and black belt finals (the divisions are combined), Amanda Monteiro defeated Oliveira by referee’s decision in the 55 kg division.  Charlotte Baumgarten, competing out of Germany, put on a dominating performance against Nadia Melo to win by advantages in the 62 kg division, and British born black belt, Samantha Cook,  finished her opponent, brown belt Thamara Silva of the Cicero Costha Academy with a bow and arrow choke to win the 90 kilogram division.

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