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Adam Wardzinksi Moves to Black Belt Heavyweight Finals After Defeating Leandro Lo

Adam Wardzinksi Moves to Black Belt Heavyweight Finals After Defeating Leandro Lo


Poland's Premier Black Belt Seeks First Pan Title

Adam Wardzinski met Leandro Lo in the semi-final round and pulled off a dominating performance over Lo, who appeared to possibly have sustained an injury during the match.  

After a few minutes of Wardzinski playing guard from the bottom, Lo was able to use his long legs and long-stepping prowess to initiate a pass.  Wardzinski showing his back for the briefest of moments allowed Lo to take his back, but was never able to secure the positional points because of cross feet.  

As Lo tried to make the adjustment, Wardzinski was able to reverse and turn the tables on Lo.  In moments, we saw Wardzinski take mount and eventually take Lo's back to finish him with a collar choke.

It was clear that something was wrong with Lo because while Wardzinski was securing his collar choke it was apparent Lo was not defending.  Let's hope this isn't a matter of his shoulder injury from last year's World Championships coming back to haunt him again.

Adam Wardzinski is a master of the guard, even against a master guard passer like Leandro Lo.  One of Wardzinski's best guard games is the Butterfly Guard.  You need to check out his "Butterfly Guard Rediscovered" available here from BJJ Fanatics!




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