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Adam Wardzinski Butterfly Guard Study

Adam Wardzinski Butterfly Guard Study


Adam Wardzinski is one of the most exciting prospects to hit the jiu jitsu scene as a heavyweight coming from Europe.  He is also specifically the first high level black belt on the competition scene from his native Poland.  What also sets him apart from his peers today is his copious use of butterfly guard  and butterfly sweeps in today's era of the modern guard passer.

Butterfly guard rose to popularity during the heyday of early BJJ competition in the 1980s in Brazil and seemed to peak with its masterful use by Marcelo Garcia at the beginning of the 2000's.  The guard has been passed over in the last decade in favor of other guard styles like 50/50, De La Riva and others.  Today, Adam Wardzinski brings back the power of the butterfly guard to the new generation of fans and students.

In the first part of an in-depth study of Wardzinksi's butterfly guard, BJJ Scout breaks down the most important aspects of his guard and how you two can begin to utilize the guard.  Check it out below.

BJJ Scout breaks down the primary butterfly pass, the use of different grip combos and his unique use of a single leg grapevine.  The butterfly pass with the hooks is the primary set up that Adam is seeking.  He makes use of a variety of grips that all have a central goal of securing the belt and some combination of arm or under hook to control and move the opponent's body.  But it is the use of the grapevine with his bottom leg that immobilizes the opponent from standing and working some sort of creative guard passing, thereby giving Adam more time to set up his sweeps

In "Butterfly Guard Re-Discovered" Adam Wardzinski and BJJ Fanatics bring to students and fans everywhere all of the techniques that have made his butterfly guard and sweeps something to be feared.  You can get your copy here at BJJ Fanatics in convenient Online or DVD formats!





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