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How Can Brazilian Jiu-JItsu Help your Child?

How Can Brazilian Jiu-JItsu Help your Child?


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and its benefits are far reaching. There’s no shortage of proof and results to confirm its power, and you could discuss it to great lengths. Some of BJJs finest results can be best demonstrated with children. Martial arts in general have always been in the forefront of recreational activities where children are concerned. Of course, as BJJ fanatics, we are biased, and feel our art provides the best application to real life conflict for our kids. Learning to control another human being in a way that allows both parties to come away unharmed is an invaluable skill set.

If we can teach a child to avoid conflict at all costs, this is always the best option. But if your child must engage in a physical altercation, wouldn’t a great second option be to avoid damaging blows, get the confrontation to the ground, and control the other party without harming them?

Let’s face it. The chances are, your child is not going to be tussling with any golden glove boxers or world champion kickboxers. Those kids do exist, but in most cases, they have also been taught the responsibility you must carry when you wield that kind of power. The average bully will be mean, reckless, and unpredictable.

Here are some things that your child will need in order to navigate a physical altercation:

A child will need a skillset that allows them to close the distance between themselves and the bully, so that they cannot be damaged by punches or kicks.

They will require a safe and effective method of taking the threat to the ground.

They’ll need the ability to pin the bully down to the ground or reverse them if they happen to end up on the bottom. This could be the end of the fight. The child can call for help from a dominant position. Keeping both parties safe until the proper help arrives.

If necessary a submission can be applied, your child can gain the cooperation of the other party. This does not mean that your child will be required to choke someone unconscious or break their arm. It simply means cooperation can be gained by using a particular hold. As I stated before, your child must also be taught how to responsibly use the skillset they are acquiring. This is paramount.

I am biased towards BJJ for its ability to answer the items I mentioned above. I’m confident BJJ provides all the necessary elements to understanding the flow of the average fight. I believe that martial arts of any kind are beneficial for a child, and I recommend them highly. But to me, the methods, principles, and effectiveness of BJJ are unmatched. BJJ has been put through the fire time and time again in countless real-life situations, and in most cases, the results are overwhelmingly in favor of the BJJ practitioner. If you’re a parent searching for the right self-defense-based activity for your child, consider giving BJJ a chance, your child will thank you one day!

One of the best places to start with kids is the Fundamentals of BJJ.  Check out Bernardo Faria's latest offering here at BJJ Fanatics.  Here he goes through all of the most important techniques from all positions to provide a very well-rounded approach and resource that will be beneficial for years to come.  You can get it here!



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