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These RNC Defenses Could Save Your Life

These RNC Defenses Could Save Your Life


The rear naked choke is easily one of the most effective techniques in the entire BJJ lexicon.  Applied from the back position, it fully compromises the exposed arteries of the neck and with relatively little energy cuts off the necessary blood flow to the brain rendering an opponent unconscious if they are quick to tap.  The amount of time until the person is rendered unconscious can vary slightly primarily due to the skill and application of the technique, but it is safe to say that most people will be knocked out in about 5 seconds or so.

Escaping from a fully locked on RNC from full back control is probably one of the most daunting tasks and to paraphrase our good friend Kurt Osiander, if we are at that point, we certainly "F-d" up a long, long time ago.  Much of a BJJ student's time related to the RNC is spent learning how to prevent the set ups and entries and to slow the inevitable slide into the darkness that comes with a fully locked on choke.

In the following video, ADCC champion and legend, Dean Lister takes off his "Jiu Jitsu Champion" hat momentarily to share his perspective on defending and escaping this choke in real-life, self defense scenarios.  Recognizing the real-life repercussions that can arise if someone doesn't respect the deadly RNC, Dean shares some very graphic means to address the choke that can truly serve to save your life.  Check out the video below. 


For more practical, real-world techniques that could potentially save your life, check out Dean Lister's "Alpha Male Self Defense" from BJJ Fanatics.  These are techniques that will protect us off the mats to ensure that we get back to training and working those fancy grappling moves the next day!  Check it out here.





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