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Adam Wardzinski Looks To Repeat Pan Am Magic

Adam Wardzinski Looks To Repeat Pan Am Magic



Few athletes in Jiu-Jitsu stay busier than Adam Wardzinski. The Polish Powerhouse has over 20 matches spanning the globe in 2019 so far. Wardzinski looks to play spoiler for the 2019 Heavyweight division. In his way stands some of the stoutest Jiu-Jitsu has to offer. Adam has made a name for himself by implementing the butterfly guard into his game.

In the 2018 Worlds he had a strong showing against one of the tournament’s overall standouts in Felipe Pena. Since then he has went on to beat a who’s who list of names in the sport. Some of the names include Tommy Langaker, Gabriel Arges, Gutemberg Pereira, and perhaps most notably Leandro Lo.

Less than three months ago Adam pulled off one of the biggest victories in his career. Wardzinski was able to work some of his patented butterfly guard to force Lo to defend the sweep. In defending Lo gave up his back, and the rest is history. Leandro may have an opportunity return the favor, but both athletes will have to wade through a den of lions.

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This year’s Heavyweight division looks to be one of the most stacked in the entire tournament. If Wardzinski is able to best his initial foe in Gerard Labinski, a familiar foe will be waiting for him. Kaynan Duarte has bested Wardzinski multiple times before, but in the Pan Ams he lost by a mere advantage.

Duarte has been on a tear as of late, but at the World Championships upsets are common place. Which is why it’s important to acknowledge that Wardzinski might not make it past his first opponent. BUT for butterfly guard fans we want to see how Adam adapts to Kanyan’s approach.

Perhaps Wardzinski’s unusual approach can throw a wrench in Duarte’s plans. Wardzinski is usually able to pull butterfly guard in a way that avoids the groan inducing double guard pull scenarios. Kaynan isn’t one to pull guard either. So we should get to see some high level passing versus Adam’s butterfly guard wizardry.  

It’s fun to root for a guy like Wardzinski because he plays such a classic game. Sometime the term “classic” can be looked down upon. The techniques Adam is able to pull off on the sport’s best athletes is nothing short of amazing. If you want to take a peek at some of the techniques that Wardzinski looks to pull off this weekend and get a little motivation at the same time you can’t miss this video!



Although the biggest Gi tournament on earth is this weekend, It’s Also SUMMER! Adam Wardzinski has transferred his butterfly guard prowess to No-Gi. Once thought of as primarily a Gi strategy, butterfly guard is being utilized at the highest levels from ADCC to EBI. Wardzinski is a master of detail, and with butterfly guard it’s all about the details. Check out The No Gi Butterfly Guard RE-DISCOVERED By Adam Wardzinski TODAY!



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