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ADCC Trials:  Tom DeBlass Urges You to Take Your Shot!

ADCC Trials: Tom DeBlass Urges You to Take Your Shot!


3X Trials Winner DeBlass Runs ADCC Trials Again

The most prestigious no gi grappling competition in the world, ADCC, will be holding their first North American qualifier on November 3rd of this year. The event will take place in Bayville, NJ at Central Regional High School. And Professor Tom DeBlass wants you to take part.

Punching your ticket to Abu Dhabi may seem like some unattainable feat, but the fact is, it could be your day. 3-time ADCC trials champion Tom DeBlass is encouraging all those that compete, even at the lower belt levels, to step up to the plate and give yourself a chance to have a very rare and special grappling experience. Stating in a Facebook post, “all it takes is one good day”, DeBlass gives some insight into his experiences with the trials, and invites all grapplers willing to take the shot to, “go out there and give it your best”.

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DeBlass Is Calling All Grapplers to Take Part in the North American Trials

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, DeBlass said recently in a social media post.

It’s true. What are you waiting for? What are you scared of? Stop questioning yourself. If you’re an experienced competitor, and you’ve put in the work, you owe it to yourself to step out there and see what the grappling world has in store for you next. Surely the experience will be beneficial to you on many levels, no matter the outcome.

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The ADCC stage has produced some of the most exciting grappling matches in history. It’s propelled many of todays most famous practitioners into the spot light. Why not you? Why not now?

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