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Bernardo Faria Reflects Back on Masters Worlds

Bernardo Faria Reflects Back on Masters Worlds


Over 30yr old BJJ Practitioners Show Their Stuff! 

5 time world champion Bernardo Faria has dedicated over half of his life to Jiu Jitsu.  As a student, competitor, instructor, and academy owner, he has taken the lessons learned from years of training to the largest possible audience he can.  Recently during the IBJJF Masters World Championships, he was in attendance as a fan and spectator to watch many of his long time friends and role models show display their jiu jitsu and competitive spirit on the mats.

Bernardo was also on hand this year, as he received a very special honor.  As one of only 12 competitors to ever win the IBJJF Worlds Open Class Championship, he received a commemorative ring in honor of the occassion.

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BJJ Fanatics for Life

During this special weekend, Bernardo was impressed by the rapid growth of the over 30 year old competition brackets.  He credits the growth of the mature grappling demographic with the fact that BJJ is one of the only combat arts that one can continue to train hard and improve in for your entire life because of it's relative safety in comparison to arts like judo and wrestling which focuses on take downs or arts that focus on striking.

In an effort to take his vision of jiu jitsu for everyone to the widest possible audience, he continues to share tons of free videos for everyone on YouTube through his popular YouTube Channel.  In addition, he and his partner Michael Zenga, a fellow black belt started BJJ Fanatics with the sole goal of making the best BJJ and grappling instructional resources available to the widest possible audience.

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Check out Bernardo's reflections in his own words.  Enjoy the video below!

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