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Is Kevin Lee Vs. Dillon Danis Even a Thing?

Is Kevin Lee Vs. Dillon Danis Even a Thing?


UFC Lightweight Veteran and Bellator Noob Air Beef

After hearing an interview with UFC lightweight veteran, Kevin Lee where he referenced an informal training experience with the self-professed "highest paid guy in Bellator", Dillon Danis where Lee said he basically had his way with the former BJJ superstar.  Dillon was quick to react via social media and offer a grappling match with Kevin Lee with each party putting up $100,000 and the winner to take all.

Kevin Lee has stated that the match is agreed upon and he has suggested that it take place during the week of UFC 229 when Dillon's MMA mentor Conor McGregor returns to the UFC Octagon versus Khabib Nurmagomedov in one of the most highly anticipated matches in the promotion's history.

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Will anyone watch match between Kevin Lee and Dillon Danis?

Though no details have been released and initial social media jabs hint that the match could simply be aired on Instagram via their live video ability.  Lee mentioned that perhaps this avenue would be too small, so perhaps they'll show it on YouTube.  The question will remain, will anyone really care?  What are the motivations for either fighter, other than pride to compete in this match?  Does this match help either fighter in the MMA career?  Is this simply more WWE style histrionics to try to be relevant perpetrated by either fighter?  All of these questions must be answered by the individual fans and potential viewers.

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