Jocko Willink Says BJJ Will Help Overcome Emotional Bullying

Jocko Willink Says BJJ Will Help Overcome Emotional Bullying

 Jiu Jitsu Builds Confidence to Overcome Bullying

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, former Navy Seal, author and creator of the wildly popular podcast, The Jocko Podcast, Jocko Willink talks about the positive benefits that BJJ can bring to youth who may be facing bullying in their lives.  One of the key points that Jocko outlines is that any type of verbal or written bullying always carries with it the undertone of implied physical violence.  

The skill and confidence that can be developed by young students training jiu jitsu can help remove that threat from the equation, rendering the verbal bullying relatively harmless.  The physical and emotional strength that can come from an improved level of self confidence can make someone immune to the effects of the verbal bully.

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Jocko Explains Why BJJ is So Important

Check out this excerpt from the Jocko Podcast for more on this topic.


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