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ADCC and UFC Vet Tom DeBlass Says You Should Clap for Yourself!

ADCC and UFC Vet Tom DeBlass Says You Should Clap for Yourself!


 Tom DeBlass Reminds Us to Celebrate Milestones

Tom DeBlass, a three time ADCC North American Trials Winner, former UFC, Bellator and Ring of Combat MMA fighter and IBJJF World Champion has had a career that many up and coming grapplers would kill for.  Forged in the fires of the early days of the Renzo Gracie Academy as a white belt with legends like Renzo Gracie, Ryan Gracie, and Ricardo Almeida grinding he and his peers each and every day, Tom DeBlass will tell you there were no easy days coming up.  And he wouldn't change a moment of his journey.

But if Tom DeBlass had one regret when reflecting on his storied career, it would be the fact that he didn't celebrate the milestones and enjoy the moments along the way to his goals.  Now in his mid-30's, with a wildly successful academy and ever-growing affiliation of nearly 20 academies, he finds himself enjoying the seemingly endless travel and the never-ending photo requests whenever he finds himself at a BJJ or grappling event.  Each and every photo he takes with a friend, fan, and up and coming grappler is precious for him and he is thankful for each one.

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Tom DeBlass Says Clap for Yourself

Never one to shy away from tough, grinding training, DeBlass would encourage everyone to never forget to celebrate your progress and how far you've come so far.  If you are working towards your BJJ black belt, EVERY stripe should be a moment of positive celebration and reflection.  If you are trying to lose 100 lbs, every single pound must be seen as a victory.  Be thankful for the journey towards your goal or goals.  Clap for yourself.

Check out the personal video Tom released sharing this idea:

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What are you waiting for?

If you're thinking about BJJ, get out there and try a class.  If you want to compete, talk to your instructor and coaches.  Sign up for a tournament.  Are you looking to lose weight?  What's your goal?  Write it down.  Start today.  Cut out some late night eating or fast food and check out intermittent fasting or some approach that fits your lifestyle.  Get active.  Don't get lost in the long game.  If you want to have a certain career, you've got to plot your course, and celebrate the milestones along the way.  Don't waste another minute.  Get out there and succeed.  

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