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Danaher Breaks down Gordon Ryan's Gold Medal Front Headlock at ADCC

Danaher Breaks down Gordon Ryan's Gold Medal Front Headlock at ADCC


 Danaher Says Front Headlock System More Accessible Than Any Other

In this rare breakdown video featuring 5 time world champion Bernardo Faria and grappling mastermind John Danaher, they take apart Gordon Ryan's gold medal winning performance in last year's ADCC World Championship in Finland versus the amazing and dynamic Keenan Cornelius.  The key to Gordon's success in this match was the application of the Front Head Lock system taught by Danaher and applied by all of the students he teaches.  

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Front Headlock System is First System Students Must Master

The team of grapplers that make up the Danaher Death Squad is a who's who of top BJJ and submission grapplers in the world.  Through the work of original members like Garry Tonon, Gordon Ryan and Eddie Cummings, the team became most well-known for their innovative and high-level application of their leg lock system.  Racking up a number of high-level victories in such events as Metamoris, the Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI), Polaris amongst others, the mystique of the leg attacks took the grappling world by storm.

Just as deadly and effective, was the squad's use of an elaborate system of back attacks as well.  But what is most ironic is that the Front Headlock system, according to Danaher is the first system he requires his team to master, because he feels that this submission is far more accessible during all matches and training.  

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Check out the thorough break down of Gordon Ryan's victory along with commentary from Bernardo and John Danaher.


Front Headlock System to Be Released Soon

Another's third series from BJJ Fanatics the Front Headlock System is slated to be released in the coming weeks.  In that series, he will share all of the details of the system he requires all students to master who study with him.  Until it gets released, make sure you've checked out the insanely popular Leg Locks: Enter the System and Back Attacks:  Enter the System instructionals.  You can get them here!





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