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Roberto Jimenez Takes Stand Regarding PEDs

Roberto Jimenez Takes Stand Regarding PEDs


Roberto Jimenez is Not Happy with BJJ Athletes Using Steroids

Newly promoted brown belt, Roberto Jimenez recently took double gold at the 2018 Worlds in Long Beach, California as a purple belt. He earned championship honors in his division, and the open weight category as well. Jimenez was able to submit all of his opponents in both weight categories, an impressive feat for any competitor at the highest level.

In a recent interview, Jimenez focuses his attention on the use of performance enhancing drugs, or PED’s in BJJ. Displaying a patch on his gi that reads, “All Natural Steroid Free BJJ,” has prompted some attention to be focused his way on the subject. During the interview, Jimenez claimed to not have known that he was wearing that patch until it was pointed out to him. He said that he was actually wearing his father’s gi, but the patch fits his stance on the subject perfectly. Jimenez seems to be advocating for a steroid free movement in BJJ. He believes with a good diet, the proper training, and the right mentality that the use of steroids for BJJ training is just simply not necessary.

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Jimenez Feels Longterm Negatives of Steroids Outweight Short term Positives

Jimenez feels that that its obvious steroids are being used all over the spectrum, from the lowest age categories through the adults, and that he’s been given advice by those who have experience with PED’s. These people have expressed to him that delving into the world of PED use, will at some point catch up with you, and you will regret ever choosing to bring them into your life.

It’s clear Jimenez feels steroids are a shortcut and that they’re use is unfair, comparing it to doping in the Olympics. He expresses that technique conquers all.

What do you think about BJJ athletes using steroids? Do you think all top tier promotions should be testing the athletes that wish to compete? There are many sides to the argument. Some claiming that steroids will not add proficiency to your BJJ technique. This is true. But where should the line be drawn? Time will tell.

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