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BJ Penn and Ryan Hall to Meet in the Octagon?

BJ Penn and Ryan Hall to Meet in the Octagon?


Will Grappling Masters Penn and Hall Meet?

There’s been some rumblings of a possible MMA bout between grappling superstar and TUF22 winner Ryan Hall, and MMA legend BJ Penn. These two BJJ heroes have been off the MMA radar for over a year, but it looks like they’re both ready to get back into the spotlight.

 Hall has not stepped into the cage since 2016 when he defeated Gray Maynard by decision, in what was described by some as a rather bizarre encounter. “The Prodigy” last made an appearance in the octagon against Dennis Siver in July of 2017. He dropped a decision to Siver after almost finishing him in the second round. Penn has been unsuccessful in his last five bouts, and has not recorded a victory in the last 8 years.

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Is the Octagon the best place for this match?

Both of these men have amassed very impressive resumes in their careers in combat. Hall's grappling achievements are more than commendable. He’s a multiple time world champion, and has accumulated some impressive victories over some of grappling’s best, and most well-known figures. Hall is reportedly itching to get into the cage again. But there have been some issues with matchmaking, and Hall’s unwillingness to talk trash and disrespect the fighters at the top of his division may unfortunately be a factor in the UFC’s choice in giving him the fights he deserves. 

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Should BJ Penn Make Another Return to Meet Ryan Hall?

There’s no denying BJ Penn’s place in BJJ, and MMA history. He’s a UFC hall of famer, and has a very impressive collection of victories and incredible moments in combat. BJ was the first American to ever win a BJJ world title. He was also the second man to win 2 UFC titles in different weight classes. With victories over legends such as Georges St. Pierre and Matt Hughes. Did you know that BJ earned his black belt in BJJ in just 3 years and 4 months?  Penn stated in a recent interview, “Give me a guy that I can beat, and I’ll come back.” Is Ryan Hall that guy? Hall’s first 2 fights in the UFC weren’t overly exciting, and defeating Penn wouldn’t propel him to the top of his division. But seeing how the jiu-jitsu of “the Prodigy” and “The Wizard” plays out could be very interesting.

Nothing has been signed yet, but it looks like the powers that be will be doing their best to make this fight happen, and give these storied competitors another shot inside the MMA arena.

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