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MMA Training: Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of It



So you have decided to start MMA training. Maybe you’re doing it for a fun hobby, to get in shape or perhaps you want to become a fighter. Either way, MMA training needs to be done correctly. There are many things one can do to properly train in MMA, but here are five things you can do to get the most out of your MMA training.

5) Don’t neglect the ground –

Too many people get into MMA because they want to emulate what they see on television. There are many brawlers and strikers, and yes, they put on entertaining bouts. But do not neglect your ground game. Go to the grappling/submission wrestling sessions and drill the positions and the techniques. Roll and get experience as well. Many fights end up on the ground, so you need to get comfortable there.

4) Spar smart, gear up –

This is something I see far too often. People will participate in sparring, sometimes full contact, but will do it in a very unsafe way. For sparring, don’t be a tough guy. Put on the head gear, shin guards and big gloves. Sparring with MMA gloves and no protective gear will get you hurt and cut your training short.

3) Don’t forget to condition –

While learning various fighting techniques is some of the most fun you will have in MMA training, you have to condition too. Run, jump rope, and work on your strength. You don’t have to lift like a body builder or run like a marathon runner, but get your body in shape. That way, your body can keep up with the stuff that you’ll be learning and using.

2) Ask questions –

This is something else that unfortunately happens far too often. People don’t want to hold up training sessions, so even though they don’t understand a certain technique or concept, they never ask questions. Your trainers are there for a reason! Ask them questions. Understand so that you may perform what they are showing you. It helps with your growth.

1) Work hard –

There are going to be times where your mind drifts, or you feel tired, but trust me when I say work through that. If you half ass in training, it will show up in your skills, or lack there-of. Always give your best and never quit.

If you can follow these points, you will get the most out of your MMA training. Training is fun, healthy and will give you energy through everything else. Get out there and enjoy!

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