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Add Some 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu To Your Game With the Carni Sweep

Add Some 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu To Your Game With the Carni Sweep


Carni Sweep by Brandon McCaghren

Brandon McCaghren earned his 10th Planet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Eddie Bravo. 10th Planet was of course formed by Eddie Bravo. Eddie started 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu after earning his black belt from Jean-Jacques Machado. One of the unique characteristics of 10th Planet is they train without the traditional gi.  While this brought some criticism, Eddie believed high level Jiu Jitsu practitioners were not wining as often as they should in MMA because they trained in the gi. He wanted to develop techniques that would translate well into MMA. The rubber guard and twister are two systems that 10th Planet became known for. 10th Planet headquarters is in Los Angeles and they now have over 100 schools worldwide.

He is considered by many to be one of the best rubber guard players in the world. He holds the distinction of being the first 10th Planet instructor in the entire southeastern United States.  All of his Jiu Jitsu promotions have been from Eddie Bravo. McCaghren has cemented himself as a top competitor in the southeastern by taking titles in Kakuto, Good Fight, IBJJF, NAGA, Freestyle Judo and many other competitions.

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McCaghren is extremely detailed oriented. He is renowned for his organized curriculum, conceptual learning, and principle-driven education. He is recognized for his exceptional teaching abilities. His huge social media following is one testament to this. More evidence in his expertise as a teacher is the huge demand for his seminars. He regularly conducts seminars all across the United States. 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Decatur was recognized as the top-ranked academy in the 10th Planet system in 2014 in part because of Brandon’s abilities as an instructor.


In this video Brandon McCaghren explores the Carni Sweep. He starts the sequence with his bottom side leg straight. He has his opponent’s near side arm trapped under his top leg and occupying the space next to his hip. His shin is driving into the neck of his training partner.  You can see the noticeable discomfort of his training partners face. Brandon notes this sequence is executed when your opponent tries to posture back into you. To execute the sweep Brandon posts his foot on the mat and then lifts his opponent up with his butterfly hook and sweeps him over.  If your training partner or opponent tries to roll then there is a different sequence. He also notes that this sweep will put a tremendous amount of stress on your training partner’s shoulder. What an excellent sweep.

This video is a wonderful example of Brandon’s ability to communicate technique to even novice grapplers.  It serves as an excellent introduction to the 10th Planet style of Jiu Jitsu. Additionally, it helps dispel the myth that insane flexibility is a prerequisite for 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. Like all of McCaghren’s instructional videos, there is a lot of detail. I know that I often gain new insights every time I re-watch one of his videos. Brandon McCaghren’s instructional videos have a powerful impact on anyone who makes a careful study of them. Certainly, the Jiu Jitsu community is lucky to have him.

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