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Amazing Kimura Counter from Deep Half Guard!

Amazing Kimura Counter from Deep Half Guard!


 Slick Counter For The Deep Half Player!

The deep half guard position is incredibly dynamic. You can achieve the position through a variety of different entries, and it also offers itself readily as a transitional pitstop while escaping several different positions. When a good understanding of deep half guard is present it can be quite nightmarish for the top player. The off-balancing properties of the deep half guard keep the top player on notice for the duration of their time in this awkward situation.

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One of the more common concepts I’ve always been exposed to with the deep half guard, is the need to hide the bottom arm. Many times, this is done by placing under the leg of the top player, at times using a lapel for extra security. Its essential that we monitor our bottom hand and keep the space between our bottom arm and body closed off. If we fail to do this, we may give away an under hook to the top player or even worse succumb to a kimura lock.

In this video Mark Plavcan shows us how to counter the kimura lock from the bottom if we find ourselves there. I can tell you, after watching this I might just start giving it away to try this technique! Give it a look!

There is definitely one caveat here that can’t be ignored. Plavcan is beginning this sequence by passing Faria’s lapel over his top leg into his own right hand for added security and an extra level of control. As Faria begins to attack the Kimura he sprawls to create more pressure to separate the arm from the body.

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This gives Plavcan an opportunity to use his right hook to scoop Faria’s top leg, and transfer him into a single hook back control position. He then configures his feet to assist in stretching Faria and adds his other hook to secure the back position.

This is so slick, and it’s a great answer to a common problem. Keep this in the memory bank and give it a shot!

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