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Anaconda Choke Versus a Single Leg

Anaconda Choke Versus a Single Leg



One of my favorite submissions in Jiu Jitsu is the anaconda choke. This elusive submission has been used successfully in high level grappling by only a few people. If one gets good at this submission, however, they can dominate their teammates and the competitive scene as well.


The anaconda choke looks a lot like the darce choke. Many newer students and even blue belts ask me what the difference between the darce choke and anaconda choke is. The fundamental difference is that the wrapping arm goes under the neck and all the way through under the armpit and is locked up with a rear-naked choke grip just like the darce is. To me, the anaconda seems a lot more like an arm-in guillotine than a darce choke. I usually attack the anaconda choke in a lot of the same ways set up guillotines as well.

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The anaconda choke can be set up in many different ways but is most commonly utilized against a turtled opponent. From the front headlock, it is easy to wrap the head up and finish the choke. Another great way to set up the anaconda choke is when you are defending a single leg. The following video illustrates how to set this up appropriately.



One problem people have with the anaconda choke is that the defender can open the elbow of their trapped arm rather easily and make the choke obsolete. Knowing how to keep the elbow tight and locked up is vital if one wants to get good at this submission. Keeping the elbow tight is best done by bring the legs over the elbow the way Rafael Mendes does. In my experience, this is both effective at preventing defense but can also increase the pressure of the choke.


Defending a single leg takedown can be difficult. It is always helpful to look for strangles like the anaconda or guillotine since they present themselves often, especially with a sloppy takedown attempt. As long as you remain in front of your opponent, as opposed to their side, you can always attempt one of these attacks.

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