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De La Riva Sweep with Romulo Barral

De La Riva Sweep with Romulo Barral


 Nice De La Riva Technique For Your Bag of Tricks!

A basic spider guard sweep is worth its weight in gold. It’s a very beginner friendly sweep, and it contains a lot of key elements of reversing that can be helpful especially where beginners are concerned. It does tend to be one of those sweeps that you may not get tons of mileage out of, once your training partners succumb to it a couple times an get wise to your intentions.

If You Struggle With Sweeps, Submissions or Even Retaining Your Guard: Spider Guard Will Feel Like Cheating When You Learn Romulo’s Recipe


With that being said, it is also a great jumping off point to transition to other guards, and it can be used to bait your opponent’s as well. Check out this super creative sweep from Romulo Barral. He transitions from the spider guard sweep set up to the reverse De La Riva for a fantastic reversal.

From a traditional spider guard set up with double sleeve control and his foot in his partner’s bicep, Barral sets up the basic spider guard sweep. He gains momentum by swinging his leg, and attempts to off balance his partner. As the attempt is defended and a pocket of space opens up, Barral transitions his left foot into a reverse De La Riva configuration. He then rotates and stuffs his partners hand deep under his own leg in combination with elevating him with his DLR hook. As Barral sweeps his partner, he rides the momentum straight into the mount.

This is a great option to transition from the spider guard sweep, and still earn a reversal. Give it a shot!

The Greatest Spider Guard Player In History.  Romulo Barral Shows All Of The Tricks, Hacks & Techniques That Allow Him To Dominate Bigger, Stronger, Faster & Much Younger Guys With This Unstoppable Guard. Check Out His DVD "Everyday Porrada Spider Guard". BJJ Fanatics Has It Here!



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