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Approach the Guard Pass with a Lateral Step with Lachlan Giles

Approach the Guard Pass with a Lateral Step with Lachlan Giles


When we begin passing the guard from a scenario where we’re disconnected from our partner, anything can happen. As we approach to pass, we must be careful to begin with a proactive plan to pass the guard. Once our partner engages us, and establishes a guard of their choice, things become much more difficult. We need to move forward with purpose, and make sure we are actively passing, and not just dealing with the bottom players guard.

Lachlan Giles is an ADCC Veteran, Pan Pacific Champion and coach to one of the fastest rising starts, Craig Jones!


Lachlan Giles has some ideas for you on how to approach passing from this type of situation. He calls up a lateral step to get the job done, but he also gives us some solid ideas to consider. Take a look!

Giles begins by lowering his head to his partners level keeping his legs back, and blocking his partners shoulders so that his legs are not easily accessible. When he begins to advance in between his partners legs, he doesn’t step directly up the center. He steps in and then opens his stance nice and wide to the right. This keeps his partner from having the ability to secure a De La Riva hook, among other unfavorable placements of the feet. Giles then pushes down on his partner’s left knee and settles in low getting chest to chest. He then sprawls his hips, lifts his left knees and shifts his body off to the side to compete the pass.

This concept of a lateral step isn’t limited to he pass that’s being shown. Giles prefers this step regardless of what pass he has in mind.

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Haphazardly stepping up the middle with no plans can lead to disaster when trying to pass. This lateral step can make the passing approach more methodical and lead to much better results!

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