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Are Your Kimura Mechanics on Point?

Are Your Kimura Mechanics on Point?


Fine, Technical Kimura Details With John Danaher!

What percentage of the time do you finish a locked kimura? The figure four grip may be the strongest grip configuration in all of grappling, but without being paired with the proper mechanics it can be unraveled. If your opponent boasts high levels of strength, locking a figure four doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for the opposing party.

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You’ll need proper mechanics and body positioning to bring a kimura to fruition on a game opponent. Check out this video with John Danaher. He delves into one of the most important aspects of generating finishing power for the kimura.

When our opponent’s elbow is below the line of their shoulder, say by the hip for instance, they’re able to recruit some of the strongest muscles in the body to defend the kimura. If your opponent is larger than you or freakishly strong, a finish from here could be impossible, unless your level of strength is at the same level or greater than your opponent’s. Getting our partners elbow on the same plain as their shoulder greatly decrease the ability to fight the kimura with strength, and at the same time provides tremendous breaking power.

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As Danaher steps over the head and positions himself for the finish he focuses on a couple of key elements. He places his head over his partner’s elbow, and drags his partners elbow to the same plain as the shoulder. He then slides his own elbow to mirror his partners, and uses a pulling motion to complete the submission.

Throughout the video Danaher makes mention that he is performing this particular kimura on a relatively straight arm, which should be more difficult. He prefers that the hand be tucked in tight to the body. But as you can see with the shoulder line method at work the proximity of the hand in relation to the body almost makes no difference. Extraordinary details.

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