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What to Do If Your Opponent is Stopping Your Guard Pass

What to Do If Your Opponent is Stopping Your Guard Pass


Skip The Pass. Try A Leg Lock!

Generally speaking we should learn how to pass the guard before delving in to leg locks. I believe both to be extremely important elements of BJJ training, but guard passing is very important to your fundamental progression in BJJ. Once we get a handle on guard passing, you may start to see moments of opportunity during passing, where you’ll receive a great deal of resistance. Its during some of these moments that you may be able to use a leg lock to finish your partner or generate the reaction to choose a new path of passing.

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In any case, if you are going to give up the guard pass to sit back for a leg lock, you’ll want it make sure you are confident that you can get the finish or transition back to passing without giving up the top position.

Here’s a great example from Rodrigo Alonso. In this particular passing scenario, Alonso is using the over under pass, and meets resistance from the bottom man trying to retain his guard. It sets up the perfect opportunity to sit back and secure a leg lock. Check it out!

As Alonso is working his over under pass, he encounters a common problem. His partner wishes to get his bottom shin across Alonso’s belly in hopes of retaining his guard. This leaves the leg susceptible to a leg lock. As he notices the leg in this position, Alonso over hooks the limb and falls back with the leg on the top side of his body. He configures his feet in an ashi garami, or outside ashi garmi position, and arches into the foot. This lock is a little more dangerous than the traditional bottom side foot lock, and will make the tap come pretty quickly if you have a good bite on the foot.

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How many times have you been in a situation where your partner is trying to retain their guard and places their shin across your belly? If you’ve been training a while, the answer could be hundreds or even thousands. This leg lock will lend itself readily to a multitude of passing situations. Enjoy!

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