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Arm Bar Attacks with Gordon Ryan

Arm Bar Attacks with Gordon Ryan


Securing an armbar from the bottom guard can be a difficult task. We run in to several problems when trying to acquire the submission, including posture, adequate control of the limb, and so forth. While the arm bar can be performed very technically, with a large amount of details and steps, it can also be applied using speed, timing, and the element of surprise. 

Gordon Ryan has recently released an instructional with BJJ Fanatics all about eh closed guard, Ans the systematizing of the position. We’ve been getting small snip its of the technique, but now the entire instructional has become available. What are you waiting for? 

Let’s take a look at a couple excerpts of Ryan’s instruction on the arm bar, or juji gatame. This first video is a quick one but it recruits several important elements that we may all be missing when trying to attack the arm bar. Check it out!

Ryan begins by making sure that arm he wishes to attack is inside the perimeter of his hip. He then secures a collar tie, and looks to acquire a top lock. This top lock has to be one of the most important pieces of the puzzle as it shuts down one of the biggest problems we have when trying to secure an arm bar, posture. After the top lock is secured, Ryan is now free to control the arm and reach under his partner’s leg. He then pivots on his shoulders, rotating in to position. Here, Ryan throws his leg up over the head, making sure to reach a level higher than his partners ear. Positioning his leg in this fashion will make it incredibly difficult to stop the coming sequence of events and the imminent finish. 

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In this next video, Ryan demonstrates the acquisition of an arm bar using the control of the wrist. This technique appears very simple in theory, but when trying to hit this one, your timing will be a key factor in how successful you’ll be. Give this a watch and see if you can pick up some details!

Referring to the top lock or figure as the most effective way to maintain and secure an arm bar setup, Ryan also suggests that this isn’t the only way to create opportunity for an arm bar. 

Haphazardly securing the wrist and attempting to throw the legs over the head will result in a failed attempt at the arm bar. Here, Ryan acquires his partners wrist and also scoops under his partner’s leg on the opposite side of the body. Ryan then employs a slight knee pull, bringing his partner forward with his hips. This compromises the posture for a moment and allows Ryan a pocket of opportunity to throw his leg up over the head, being sure that it lands higher than the ear. This knee pull is critical to the application of the technique. If we don’t take advantage of this moment, our partners will surely recover quickly, regaining posture, and foiling our plans of attacking the limb. From this set up the options are many, but you’ll have to delve in deeper to Ryan’s instruction to find out more. 

This technique is definitely rooted in timing, and speed. Its critical that you take advantage of all the aspects of this particular arm bar at the right time to be successful. 

Systemizing Closed Guard by Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan has already changed the course of Jiu-Jitsu with his Guard Passing DVD now he is set to do the same with the Closed Guard! Systemizing Closed Guard will provide the road map to success when in Closed Guard. Update your classic Closed Guard technique with a modern HIGH PERCENTAGE approach to attacking from Closed Guard!



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