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Arm Drag from Knee Shield with Bernardo Faria

Arm Drag from Knee Shield with Bernardo Faria


The arm drag is such a versatile technique. It can be applied to so many different situations and scenarios. It teaches us about good timing, taking advantage of reactions, and when it’s done well, it puts us in superior position. A lot of times we think about the arm drag as more of a standing technique, or something that’s most often used as part of a takedown. While the arm drag is a fantastic tool to have in your stand-up tool box, it can also be executed from several other positions.

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When I sat down to watch this video with Bernardo Faria, I didn’t see what I was expecting. This is a very unique way to apply an arm drag from a knee shield scenario. Take a look at this!

From a half guard knee shield position, Faria elects to trade his knee shield for a butterfly hook. As he his partner attempts load him up with his weight and pressure Faria uses his frames and butterfly hook to keep him at bay, and sits up to his elbow. Here Faria secures his partners arm with two points of contact. He grips his partners wrist with an overhand style grip, and also grips the upper part of the arm with an under-hand style grip.

Faria continues by creating space with his butterfly hook in order to remove his bottom leg and drags his partner’s arm to the opposite side of his body. Here he establishes his seat belt grip and prepares to take the back.

I really like the use of the butterfly hook here, and the method of dragging the arm. The switch was little unexpected and I can see this surprising the top player when you pull it put of the bag of tricks. Enjoy!

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