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Let’s Re-Watch Faria Vs. Santos 2015

Let’s Re-Watch Faria Vs. Santos 2015


First off let’s show some respect and gratitude to both athletes and the performance both put on. That said, this match was textbook Bernardo Faria. The commentators point this out several times in the video. Faria put on an over under passing clinic. Half guard was used systematically to improve position. Not to mention the wicked fast knee bar applied in the last minutes of the match. So fast that it required multiple rewinds to catch what happened. Did the time stop? Wasn’t there a minute left?

In a M. Knight Shamylan level twist, Santos chooses to pull guard. Faria immediately gets control on the tail end of Santos’s gi in a double under passing situation. This obviously plays into Bernardo’s game. A grip battle ensues.

Santos does a good job at first of controlling Faria’s sleeves and pummeling his legs in and out of various positions to stifle the over under pass.  As you watch this notice how Faria offers a wide variety of positioning. He’ll get to his feet. He applies downward pressure in a sprawling-like position. All while threatening both sides for the pass. This variance allows Bernardo to advance his position into his opponent’s side control.

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Erberth is able to get to his feet in which Faria is able to secure a tight and unique grip onto Santo’s gi. At the 3:36 mark is where this initial connection is made. This is what allows Bernardo to start to be able to control the ultra-explosive Erberth Santos. If you’ve ever watched Erberth fight from his feet you’ll know what we are talking about! This grip however permits Bernardo to pass it to his inside hand as he enters into his Battle Tested Half Guard.

If you tune into any of the various Bernardo Faria highlights you will see this pattern again and again. This time around however Erberth is dead set on defending the over-under pass. A similar battle that took previously, once again ensues. Through a mixture of forward pressure and alternating circular passing threats Faria is able to snag Erberth’s leg in a nasty knee bar. Through this constant pressure forcing his opponent to react this provided an opportunity for Bernardo to secure the submission.

This is a great example of implementing a game plan. After several times watching the match you can see the pattern emerge, and opponents still have a hard time stopping it. Even if the game plan is known to the competitor it can be used because of varying strategies that have to be reacted to. Don’t want to get your guard passed? You must react, if so. In that reaction we see how Bernardo was able to capitalize. It was so fast that the commentators were confused on what just happened. “uhh do we have instant replay?”.

Battle tested is a great way to describe the LEGENDARY Bernardo Faria. With ample content available on his YouTube and an even deeper well here on BJJFANATICS Faria has you covered from Armbar to Z-Guard.





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