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Askren Looking For Action In London

Askren Looking For Action In London


The UFC returned to London yesterday and we got to witness a clash between two stalwarts of the Welterweight division in Jorge Masvidal and Darren Till. There was much build up leading into the event with the winner sure to land a top spot in the division. Masvidal was able to come out on top with a series of vicious strikes to end Darren Till’s night and giving him his second professional loss.

Although most of the focus was on the main event due to the Hometown kid Till, most of the weekends clicks and traffic went to an athlete who wasn’t even competing. “Funky” Ben Askren arrived in London looking for a fight. Since his triumphant debut at UFC 235 against Robbie Lawler, Askren has made it clear that he wanted the winner of the main event in London.

Leading up to the bout most pros and analysts were picking Till to be victorious in front of the hometown crowd. This includes Askren. Multiple times Askren and Till have clashed. Till took it upon himself to crash a Q&A with Askren stoking the flames for an eventual bout. Sadly though it looks as though all of the double middle fingers isn't enough to come out on top against Masvidal and land a bout with the undefeated Askren.

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If you got to see Jorge Masvidal leading up to the bout, he appeared unshaken by all of the hype and raucous crowd. Masvidal made a name for himself fighting in Miami with the legendary Kimbo Slice. This grit he picked up from the streets in Miami surely helped him weather the London spectacle as well as the always game Till. Masvidal is surely to climb in the ranks as he has now fought and beaten some of the best fighters in his division. BUT is it enough to earn him a bout with the Funky One.

Askren is obviously in tune with what it takes to generate interest in your fighting career. A good indicator of this is how much he is being talked about in the media when he isn’t even fighting. By looking at view counts on ESPNMMA’s YouTube Channel you can see certain things generate a lot of views, backstage fights and Ben Askren.

Co-Main event winner Leon Edwards might of just earned himself with the Main Event star Masvidal. During a post fight interview Masvidal starts to walk away towards a crowd and all of a sudden starts slinging fists, Miami style. The melee was quickly broken up by event and UFC staff, but boy did that escalate quickly….

Although Akren was looking for action the trip to London might not have panned out exactly how he expected. That said Askren is finding himself as one of the most in demand athletes on the UFC roster. Will Askren find himself across the UFC Octagon against Masvidal? Will he battle Till after two consecutive losses? OR could it be a title clash with Marty from Nebraska? Anyway you look at it people are clamoring for another ticket to Funky Town!

If you needed any more reason to like Ben here is an instant classic of an interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto.

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