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Askren Triumphant In UFC Debut

Askren Triumphant In UFC Debut


Amid some controversy Ben Askren found a way literally squeeze out a victory over the Legendary Robbie Lawler. The fight started just about how you would expect. Askren quickly closed the distance and immediately started to utilize strong grips controlling the wrists of his opponent. From the outside looking in it would seem as things were going to be textbook Funky Ben.

Until it didn’t

Askren’s weight was centered over Lawler and all of a sudden Askren was airborne. Lawler slammed Askren to the canvas and went right into “Ruthless” mode. The fight was very close to being stopped, until Askren through some good defensive tactics was able to get off of his back and return to his feet. Although weathered Ben was able to stick to the game plan. After clinching against the fence and some hard knees from Lawler we caught a glimpse from the past.

Enter the Bulldog Choke

Flashback to 2001 at UFC 31, Carlos Newton snags Pat Miletich with what looks like a move straight off of the playground. It is now known as the bulldog choke. From the outside it looks like a simple head lock, and that analysis isn’t totally wrong. However when Askren was able to get Robbie Lawler the finish wasn’t quite as clear cut as it was in 2001.

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After a brief scramble Askren latched onto Lawler’s head like an alligator rising out of the water to feed. The squeeze was on, and from the outside looking in for a brief moment Lawler looks to go limp. Now this is just one blogger’s opinion, BUT to take some heat off of Herb Dean I thought the same thing he did. Which was that Ben Askren squeezed the life out of Lawler. In case you forgot what Askren is capable when he gets his paws on you…

Initially as Dean goes to seperate the Funky one Askren appears to keep hanging on, in this moment some tension must’ve released to breathe some life back into Lawler. As much as people may want to give Askren flack for the finish, it shouldn't be directed to him. Askren simply did what he was supposed to, fight until the bell rings or the ref stops you. He said as much in his post fight interviews.

This fight was a rollercoaster ride. From the anticipation of Askren’s debut and the return of Robbie Lawler, all the way to the chaos that unfolded in front of our eyes. Although the ending was anticlimactic and perhaps controversial Askren has made his presence felt, and Robbie Lawler was Ruthless as ever.

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