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Attacks When Stuck In the Double Under Position

Attacks When Stuck In the Double Under Position


The double under position can be extremely frustrating for the person who is having it applied to them.  With both arms outside of the legs, holding the belt on either side of the hips or some sort of gi grip, it keeps the person applying it extremely safe, while keeping control of their opponent's hips.  Competitors like Bernardo Faria use the double under position a great deal to set up his favorite Over Under Pass.

In the videos below, we turn to the work of Daniel Beleza, a competitor who has remained an active competitor into his 40's, proving age is simply a number.  In these technique videos excerpted from his Master's Guard instructional, we see several attacks when someone has the double under position and are controlling the hips.  Check them out below.

 In this first video, Daniel makes a small hip adjustment when caught in the double under position that allows him to sneak his cross arm to reach inside the armpit of his opponent.  By connecting his hands and extending his leg and hip, he is able to pry the arm breaking the grip on the belt.  The arm is straightened and the area just above the elbow is pressure, forcing the tap.

If the arm is flexible and the tap does not happen, Daniel Beleza will move the arm from the straight arm lock position to the other side of his head across his body.  This transition allows him lock in a tight triangle.  By scooting back to make space, the finish is inevitable.

 In the second video, Daniel Beleza sets up another triangle. This time using an overhook on the arm which ends in a cross lapel grip, he takes control of that arm from the opponent.  With the opponent concerned with freeing that arm, Daniel maintains the collar grip.  When the arm is free, he is able to pull it across his body and lock up the triangle easily.

Check out Daniel Beleza's Masters Guard available here at BJJ Fanatics to learn more about his favorite guard techniques that have kept him competing at the highest levels for nearly two decades.












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