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Surprise Submissions to Keep in Your Back Pocket

Surprise Submissions to Keep in Your Back Pocket


There are plenty of great submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, some have a higher percentage rate of working while others may not be as good.  Some are better from different positions, and some are good to surprise your opponent.  Today we are here to speak about surprise submissions!  The common submissions that many people know and utilize are attacks such as the Kimura, the arm lock, the triangle, the guillotine, the rear naked choke and many more.  These would be considered “Traditional” submissions and they tend to be used more frequently.

Let’s talk about attacks that may some a little bit unorthodox to some people but being good at them can allow you to have the element of surprise when you roll.  Some great submissions to keep in your back pocket are the Loop choke, the omoplata, and the wrist lock.  These are all a little unorthodox, although they may be popular among some bjj practitioners; they are not the most common submissions.  That is what makes them excellent; they can all utilize the element of surprise.

The wrist lock, the loop choke and the omoplata are all great submissions for a variety of different reasons, they can be used from several guards, they can be used from bottom or top, and they are often neglected by so many people.  When things are neglected by people it is wise to learn them because people may not understand the mechanics of these moves or the defenses well.  This can allow you to have an upper hand on your training partners and competition.

The Loop Choke

The loop choke is an incredible submission; this is assuming you are rolling in a kimono.  The loop choke is a gi only submission.   The loop choke can be used from a multitude of different places, you can set loop chokes up from various guards and from various places on top, you can also use the loop choke as a counter and in transitions. 

When using the loop choke from the bottom you have to set it up strategically.  This is because when you are playing on bottom you typically want to created distance and to do the loop choke you have to closed the distance, timing will be your best friend when you learn the loop choke from guard.  You can set the loop choke up from the closed guard, the half guard, De La Riva Guard, Collar and sleeve guard, and pretty much any guard.  You typically set the loop choke up from guard when your opponent is trying to close the distance, very similar to a guillotine because you do want to isolate your opponent’s head.  You can use a cross collar grip as your opponent is trying to get close to you and trap his head while maintaining the collar grip, this will allow you to start using the loop choke. Check out this really simple loop choke from the closed guard below.

If you are using the loop choke from the top, you don’t have to be as sneaky.  Although you can surprise your opponent with it by allowing them to think they are escaping and when they attempt you can start setting up the loop choke.  The loop choke also works extremely well in transition or as a counter.  When we say in transition we mean as your opponent is close to passing or when your opponent is attempting to do something. One of the best places to use the loop choke is from double unders position.  Double unders is one of the most popular passing positions in the entire world, this is also one of the best positions to use the loop choke because your opponent is very rarely aware that they are in danger of submissions, check out this awesome loop choke set up from the double unders position below.

If you guys like the loop choke and want to learn a lot more set ups from one of the best to ever do this choke check out Daniel Beleza’s 4 DVD set, “The Masters Guard.”  For those of you who don’t know Daniel Beleza, he has been competing at the highest levels of black belt for over a decade, he also was the oldest person to ever make it to the finals of worlds and this was in 2015 when he placed second in the adult division of the worlds at the age of 39.  To put things into perspective, Daniel also placed second at the adult division of the black belt worlds in 2001.  So for 15 years he has been at the top.  One of his secret weapons is the loop choke so definitely check out his DVD.  His techniques are not difficult, they are not “New School” and they are user friendly.  Anybody and everybody can learn these techniques.

The Omoplata

The omoplata is another submission that can catch your opponent by surprise.  It can be used from so many good positions.  The omoplata, like the loop choke, can be used from the bottom, the top, and as a counter.  You can use the omoplata from many guards such as the half guard, closed guard, De La Riva guard, Spider guard, and lasso guard.  These are just some of the guards that you can successfully execute this submission.  We just wrote and entire article devoted to the Omoplata so check it out here.

If you like the omoplata we definitely advise learning it.  The omoplata is such a simple submissions, contrary to popular belief, it is not complicated and anybody can do it.  We have seen fancier variations of the omoplata before from people such as Clark Gracie and they have definitely been proven effective but there is no need to do it the fancy way when there are even simpler ways.  Check out this super simple and “old school” omoplata from the closed guard below with 5x Black belt World Champion, Bernardo Faria.

The Omoplata can also be used to counter many things.  You can use the omoplata to counter the underhook when you are playing half guard, you can use it to counter takedowns, and many other positions.  Check out this video below where Bernardo Faria shows us how to counter the double leg takedown with an omoplata.

If you guys want to work on a simple and effective omoplata game make sure to get your hands on 5x Black Belt World Champion and omoplata master, Bernardo Faria’s new 4 DVD set “Omoplata Everyone.”  Bernardo has one of the simplest and most effective games and that is the attitude he takes towards how he implements the omoplata.  Bernardo does many seminars around the world and when he does these seminars he rolls with a lot of the people afterwards, he is notorious for doing the omoplata against all the seminar attendees in live rolling.  Definitely check out this DVD Set!

 The Wrist lock

Submitting your opponent is one of the most important and difficult parts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Learning submissions is also one of the fun parts of bjj.  One of the most underrated submissions is the wrist lock.  The wrist lock is not very popular in the Jiu Jitsu community.

The wrist lock, if properly applied, is one of the best submissions you can learn for gi, nogi, or self-defense.  It allows you to use a massive amount of leverage against a small part of someone’s body.  Therefore, the wrist lock is a good technique for smaller guys to learn for bigger opponents.  You can apply wrist locks from standing, guard, or top position.

The wrist lock can be applied effectively from virtually any where, you can use the wrist lock from the guard, the top position, and even the standing position.  The possibilities with the wrist lock are literally endless!  Many people don’t realize the effectiveness of this position and often neglect it but there are so many tiny bones in your wrist and if you attack it properly, this is one devastating move.  Check out this new take on an old wrist lock from standing with Black Belt Jamico Elder below.

If you think that the wrist lock is more up your ally and you want to surprise all of your training partners with a new technique Check out Jamico Elders “Scientific Wrsit Destruction” DVD.  This is an excellent DVD for learning how to properly apply a wrist lock; this submission can catch almost anybody off guard.


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