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Police Tactics for Self Defense

Police Tactics for Self Defense


There has been a long standing tension in modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu between the so-called self-defense school of thought and the sport-based jiu jitsu teams and academies.  The self-defense approach tends to focus less on competition and more on the practical aspects of the art for fighting situations and protecting oneself.  The sport-based aspect is much more competition focused and on the surface is far more liberal and innovative with new techniques and positional approaches.

These separations are not written in stone as many jiu jitsu practitioners who train at the more self-defense focused schools, also compete in all levels of competition from local and regional events, to the larger annual events like the Pan Americans and the Worlds.  Conversely, most sports based academies would probably argue that their curriculums are rooted in the fundamental techniques that would be applicable in a self-defense scenario.

One of the key demographics that have perfected and distilled the self-defense aspects from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are law enforcement and public safety personnel.  No group needs to be properly equipped to protect themselves, the community and to be able to neutralize threats or dangers more than these folks. 

In the video below, jiu jitsu athlete and law enforcement officer Jay Wadsworth shares some of the principles that high level trained safety personnel put into practice every day. 

It is important to always stay in contact with the true roots of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and all martial arts as combat arts.  You will want to learn the most effective techniques practiced by the most elite public safety professionals.  Safety in the streets can come down to being able to quickly and effectively neutralize a threat scenario while maintaining maximum safety.  Jay Wadsworth's new "Police Tactics for Civilians" instructional set will get you prepared for any scenario.


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