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Back to the Basics: Guard Submission Sequences



The full guard is one of my favorite positions. It is one of the safer positions to play, so it is low risk for you, yet dangerous for your opponents to be there. The guard allows for a ton of control with posture breaking, gi control and limb control. But, probably my favorite reason to play the full guard is the fact that within that position, there are some killer submission sequences. The sequences can all lead back into one another like a continuous loop. If you attack with these sequences, you are bound to catch one on whoever plays in your guard.

For the first sequence to play around with, you must first know how to attack with the triangle choke. If you have a good, fundamental understanding of the choke, you can have this chain to go to. Let’s say you attack with the triangle, but your opponent is defending it well. If the opponent is staying strong in the triangle, you can go right into the armbar. It is a good option to be able to transfer to, and it is an easy one as well.

There are more sequences based off of the triangle. Another successful chain would be starting with the triangle choke once again, but instead of going for an armbar, you can go into an omoplata. This chain is best if an opponent defends your triangle with a specific defense. If the opponent is wrapping his arm around the leg to defend the choke, it is so simple to just throw your leg over for the omoplata. From there, you can either try to finish the omoplata, or you can use the omoplata for a sweep. Either way with this sequence, you are the aggressor and will be winning the exchange.

Not every sequence has to start with the triangle. As I mentioned, these techniques can all flow into one another. This particular chain actually starts with the armbar, rather than the triangle. And instead of it being a two part chain, it is a three. With this sequence, you start attacking the opponent with the armbar. If he manages to pull his arm out of the attack, you can move your legs over and pull him into a triangle choke. If the opponent manages to posture up and try to escape, you can move his around your own leg and finish with the omoplata.

The beautiful thing as previously stated, you can use these in a loop. Armbar to triangle to omoplata. Triangle to omoplata and back to a triangle. Triangle to armbar to omoplata. It can be an endless attack until you make your opponent tap. It is physically and mentally exhausting to try and keep defending the attacks over and over when you chain them together in a sequence. These sequences will be the key to your guard’s success. Train these and your full guard will be a gold.

Because the guard is such a popular position, there are some great DVD’s out there for further study. Matheus Gonzaga has released a great, two DVD set called The Lightweight Guard. It is a must for any guard player. BJJ Fanatics has this slick DVD set for only $39.

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