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The Power of Pressure Passing



If you watch a highlight reel of five time IBJJF world champion Bernardo Faria, one key element of his game becomes apparent: his use of pressure, particularly when passing the guard. Pressure can be an extremely useful tool when dealing with an opponent’s guard, but what makes it so effective? Why is pressure passing such a potent means to address someone’s guard?

For starters, in order for a competitor’s guard to be effective they must have hip mobility. Every sound movement from guard is coupled with shifts in hip positioning. Hip mobility is crucial because any attack from guard relies on displacement of the hips and prevention of passing requires a practitioner to follow their opponent’s movement’s with their hips.

Another key element to an effective guard game is that the guard player must minimize contact with the ground in order to be effective. The more surface area that the guard player has in contact with the ground, the more they have to contend with friction. Therefore skillful guard players will be on their sides or will have their back balled in such a way that they minimize their contact with the ground and maximize their mobility.


These two key characteristics of guard play are best nullified by the use of pressure passing. Pressure passing is, simply put, the use of pressure to flatten an opponent and pin their hips down thus making passing the guard a far easier feat to accomplish.

If you are interested in learning how to use pressure to pass the guard, Bernardo Faria has released volumes of information on the subject. Check out this video of his pressure passing methods in action:

If you want to learn more about Bernardo’s system of using pressure to pass the guard, he has a fantastic DVD set available, just click here. It encompasses various areas of Bernardo’s pressure passing methodology.

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