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Product Spotlight: Impassable Brand Shorts



For this edition of the product spotlight series, I want to highlight some truly great pairs of shorts. For all of us that train a lot of no gi BJJ, you know you need a reliable pair of shorts. It is frowned upon to wear other athletic shorts that may have pockets or zippers on them. They can cause injury and are just not meant for submission wrestling. Those shorts are more suited for other athletic sports. It is always best to get a real pair of no gi Jiu Jitsu shorts. There are two great deals right now at BJJ Fanatics on Impassable brand shorts.

The first deal is a big bang for your buck. The deal are two pairs of plain, good old pairs of Impassable shorts. They are basic in look, but not basic in design. The pair of shorts includes one pair of standard black shorts and a standard pair of white shorts. They have no graphics or designs, but you can add your own patches or designs if you want. They are made of strong, yet flexible material and have a velcro waist for a secure fit. While most pairs of no gi shorts cost around $50 or more per pair, BJJ Fanatics has a deal! You get both of these shorts together for only $39! It is insane to find a deal like this. They have sizes for people 120lbs all the way to 255lbs.

`           Click here to see the two pair deal for only 39!

The next pair of Impassable shorts that are on sale right now are the IBJJF Legal Impassable Competition shorts. As in their title, they are as tough as can be. They are meant for strenuous and hard competition use. So you won’t have to worry about these shorts breaking up after a couple wears and washes. They also have the stylish Impassable logo on the left leg, and on the velcro waist. So you can look cool while you’re showing your skills on the mat. Also as it says in their title, they are completely IBJJF legal, so when competing at an IBJJF tournament, you will not have to worry about being DQ’d from what kind of shorts you have. And like some of the other top notch Impassable products, they carry a lifetime warranty. All of this in a short that is only $39! And just like the shorts above, they have sizes from 120lbs all the way to 255lbs.

Click here to check out the IBJJF Legal pair of shorts for $39!

These are a couple of deals you won’t want to pass up if you a big no gi competitor or student. The Impassable brand products are known for their durability and style. Look like a pro when you are training or competing in a pair of these shorts.

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