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Felipe “Preguica” Pena: BJJ Star



Felipe Pena, is one of the best and most diverse champions in modern day BJJ competition. He is a feared, highly technical competitor that seems to have an endless amount of attacks in his game. Originally nicknamed “preguica” which means sloth, or lazy in Portuguese was given to him when he was a teenager due to his sloth nature and weight. Pena used that nickname as a source of inspiration to get stronger, faster and better. That drive would eventually win him championships at the World’s, the Pan Am’s, Copa Podio and more. A master of open guards such as De La Riva, X Guard and Single Leg X, he always seems to have one up on whoever he faces. Felipe has taken on and defeated some of the best on the big stages. Take a look at some of his best wins.

Felipe Pena vs Luis Panza @ Copa Podio 2014

Pena and Panza have met quite a few times in competition, and have a highly entertaining rivalry between them. This rivalry continued into the Copa Podio tournament in 2014. This match was a technical and at times, a high paced bout of determination. This match took place mainly from the two battling out of the 50/50 position. Pena had to defend most of the time, trying to avoid Panza’s world renowned ankle lock. Down two points, but with an advantage in his favor, he was able to get on top in the final seconds of the match to take the victory and the championship at Copa Podio. The last 15 seconds are very intense and will have you at the edge of your seat.

Felipe Pena vs Erberth Santos @ European Championships 2016

At this year’s European Open Championships, these two champions meet for a third time in competition. The two Brazilians battled intensely. Pena used one of his signature guards, the Single Leg X, to constantly move Erberth around, attempt sweeps and attempts to get to his back. At one point, Pena was able to put Santos on his back which was a great feat. Erberth was able to play some nice 50/50 on Pena, but a scramble ensued and Pena took the back of Santos. And quickly after that, he was able to finish Santos off with a nice gi choke off of the back and get the tap.

Felipe Pena vs Andre Galvao @ World Pro 2016

Santos was not the only champion that Pena was able to conquer in 2016. Felipe met Andre Galvao for a third time in his career, this time at the Abu Dhabi World Pro. Pena started the match with a beautiful gi snap takedown to put Galvao on his back. But Galvao being no slouch was able to work his way back up to his feet. Felipe then decided to use his world class open guard to threaten Andre with some sweeps and back take attempts. But the match would end with Felipe on top and Galvao on his back. “Preguica” would win the match by points, in a rather impressive fashion.

Pena has had some controversy in his career, but has also showed hard work, a strong desire to win and beautiful technique in both his wins and his losses. 2016 has been a good year for him, and he looks to continue that streak all the way into 2017 and beyond. Pena has also had some great DVD’s released, so that he may share his championship knowledge with the world. One of his best DVD’s has to be “Triple Guard Submission Vortex”, a two DVD set focusing on his open guard techniques that have taken the world by storm.

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