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Beat The De La Riva Guard…With A Toe Hold!



Do you constantly get beat by people using the De La Riva guard? Are you being swept over and over, while trying to pass? Well, you might be over-looking one of the best options to beat the DLR guard. That option is to submit. The majority of the time, people spend a lot of energy trying to pass the DLR guard. And while passing is a good option, there is a leg attack submission available for you, anytime that your opponent goes to that guard. There is a strong toe hold attack ready to be utilized. Check out how you can use it too…

So, you are standing above your opponent. Most likely, you are looking for an open guard pass. But before you can go for it, your opponent springs into action and puts you in his De La Riva guard. When he does that, one of his legs will usually go to your hip. He does that so he can maintain distance. Though when he does that, he puts himself in danger of the toe hold.

Lets say that your opponent puts his right foot on your left hip. With your left hand, you need to grab his foot right by his toes. Controlling the toes is the best option, as then he can’t kick his foot away easily. After the grab, you need to turn your body away from your opponent and lock up a figure four grip, to attain the classic toe hold grip. Then, you need to push his foot inwards so that there is bend. The toe hold will not work without that 90 degree bend.

Once the bend in the foot is there, you need to turn your body in hard and go down to a knee. While you go down to your knee, you need to apply pressure on the foot so that your opponent’s leg stays bent. His leg needs to be bent so that the toe hold is effective. Once down, bring his foot close to his own butt and twist. The leg attack will be painful and will cause the tap.

Having these leg lock attacks in addition to your standard passing game is important. They will give you more options in case one isn’t working, or if you’re looking to surprise your opponent. Dean Lister is one who understands how to apply these leg locks, especially the toe hold in a variety of situations. If you want to be a skilled leg locker, then check out…

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