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Bernardo Faria’s Best Finishes



Anyone who knows about the elite competitors of Jiu Jitsu knows of, Bernardo Faria. The BJJ black belt from Alliance has been a slayer of fellow elite Jiu Jitsu fighters across the globe. His matches are always action packed and can easily be made into a highlight reel. Faria, whose game is technical and heavy can turn anyone’s day at a tournament into a nightmare. The multiple time world champion has a high finish rate for the high level that he competes at. It is time to take a look at some of Bernardo’s best finishes!

Bernardo Faria vs Leandro Lo @ 2015 Worlds

When Faria and Lo met at the 2015 Worlds, Leandro was on a roll. He had simply been tearing it up on the tournament scene in 2014 and 2015. Most would have assumed that this could have been another victory for him, except Bernardo had other plans. When Leandro sat down to play his patented spider guard, Bernardo beat him to the punch and already started utilizing his known pressure passing game. Faria was like a shark that tasted blood in the water. Leandro could simply not get away from Faria’s pressure. The Alliance black belt passed Lo’s guard over and over, until he was able to secure a deep, incredibly painful looking armbar and got the tap to win the match.

Bernardo Faria vs Erberth Santos @ 2015 Pan Am’s

2015 was a big year for Bernardo. He was able to beat some of the world’s best and win not only the World’s, but the Pan Am’s as well. On his way to the Pan Am championship title, he met Erberth Santos in the semi finals. Most of the match was actually spent with Bernardo working for a takedown. He aggressively attacked Erberth, never stopping in his pursuit of finishing a single leg takedown. After not being able to defend the takedown anymore, Santos went down and Faria did not let up. Right away, he worked his beautiful passing game. Santos defended as best he could, but Faria quickly finished him with a sneaky and effective kneebar from the top. If you blink, you could miss it!

Bernardo Faria vs Luis Panza @ 2014 IBJJF Pro Championship

Before Bernardo went after and won the big championships in 2015, he was able to capture the IBJJ Pro Championship title in 2014. To do that, he had to defeat the dangerous leg locker, Luis Panza. Just as in the other dominating performances of his career, this match featured his pressure filled passing game. Panza had to defend with a good kimura and triangle attempt against his opponent, but Faria stayed calm and cool. He was able to fend off every attack from Luis. Bernardo was able to get to the north south position, before forcing Panza to give up his back. After getting to Panza’s back, he was able to sink in a deep choke and finish the match efficiently, winning the championship title.

Just as in previous years, Bernardo has been active here in 2016. He won the Pan Am’s again this year in the absolute class, and won with more awesome finishes. That’s why Bernardo is a fan favorite. He is a competitor that always fights fierce, and always looks for the kill. Bernardo has also luckily decided to share his finishing knowledge with the world and put out an amazing DVD set, called High Percentage Submissions. In it, he shares the submissions that he has won some of his best matches with. Right now, BJJ Fanatics has the DVD in stock, which is sure to help with your submission finishing game.

Check out this link here. Bernardo Faria’s High Percentage Submissions, only $87!


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