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Best Grappler EVER Shows Two Half Guard Passes

Best Grappler EVER Shows Two Half Guard Passes


Greatest American Grappler Ever Shows 2 Ways To Pass The Half Guard

Kayla Harrison is a former judoka from the United States. She currently competes in mixed martial arts in the light weight division. Kayla won the 2010 World Championships. Kayla made history at the 2012 Olympics in London by winning the first Gold Medal by any American (man or woman) in the history of the sport of judo. She also took gold at the 2011 and 2015 Pan American Games. Today we are going to look at two highly effective methods Kayla uses to pass the half guard. A good half guard player can make it very difficult to pass. In the video below Kayla demonstrates two passes that every BJJ player should have in their arsenal. Watch the video below and then we will discuss her technique. Check it out now!

The number one way for your opponent to defend a pass from half guard is to scissor his legs. From here you need to come up, bring your arm under his, posting on the mat. Put your shoulder into your training partners chin, causing his head to turn and apply pressure. Your head goes on the mat and as you post your legs come up putting your hips in the air, always keeping on your toes. You want your knee to be passed your opponent’s groin. Once your knee is passed, take a giant step and knee down hard, freeing your leg. It is very important when doing this part of the move that you have you opponent’s legs and head faced in opposite directions, taking away all his power. If his head is faced in the same direction he can still hold on really tight.

Sometimes when you do this move your training partner double locks your leg instead of simply scissoring. When your opponent wraps twice you will not be able to get your knee past his groin, so you have to go to another move. If he has the double lace, take your arm out, bring it around his head, put your elbow on the side of his ear and high leg over. From here come up and under to tie up the hand or simply grab inside and apply pressure. Now with the arm secure you want to grab your opponent’s gi above the knee, kick with your bottom leg and pull with your hand to open up his guard, finishing in side control.

Remember when you get to side control your hips and knees should be active. You want your knee at the side of your opponent applying pressure, and you want to use your hips to create pressure down across your opponent’s chest. These are two very effective ways for passing a half guard. Depending on the type of lock your opponent has on your leg determines which pass you use. Having both in your arsenal will make you a much more well rounded BJJ player. So keep these two half guard passes in mind the next time you are in a live roll or competition!

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