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Beyond Technique - Ideas on an Additional Benefit of Jiu Jitsu

Beyond Technique - Ideas on an Additional Benefit of Jiu Jitsu


Exploring an Unexpected Benefit of Jiu Jitsu.

In the self-defense community, Jiu Jitsu has had it critics. How do you deal with multiple attackers? What do you do if your attacker has a knife? I do not want to explore the various criticism of Jiu Jitsu and refute them. There is little value in preaching to the choir.

I will argue this. One huge value of Jiu Jitsu that translates into self-defense situations, learning other martial arts and life in general is found beyond technique. Let me be clear, I deeply value the technique of Jiu Jitsu for self-defense situations. But there is also a component beyond technique that is extremely valuable.  This component is the the ability to keep calm in stressful situations.

In Jiu Jitsu, one of the earliest skills learned is the ability to be clear headed in intense situations.  If your opponent is attempting to strangle, arm lock, knee on throat or whatever, if you panic that ends all technique. You must analyze the position and calmly execute the steps necessary to escape.

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This ability translates well into self-defense situations. You have the ability to be calm and level headed when someone else is out of control; potentially diffusing the situation before it escalates. This is also true for situations where using a fire arm may be necessary; law enforcement or a home invasion. The ability to think clearly in those situations is priceless. Naturally, it is invaluable while executing technique.

Beyond self-defense, I would argue this ability to be relaxed in intense situations also translates well to learning other martial arts. One recipe for injury in martial arts is explosive force coupled with not being relaxed. Jiu Jitsu has less explosive force than many other martial arts and is therefore a great martial art to master this calmness.  Once the calmness is garnered, it would consequently reduce the likely hood of injury for someone experienced in Jiu Jitsu but a beginner exploring other martial arts.

I would argue the ability to keep calm pays dividends in Job loss, family issues, and a myriad of other situations.

Ultimately, Jiu Jitsu provides a wide value to its practitioners.  A component of the journey is not only refining technique but also discovering the unexpected ways we have been changed for the better.

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