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Creating Submission Traps and Options

Creating Submission Traps and Options


Alliance black belt Thomas Lisboa recently visited the Bernardo Faria Academy to film his first instructional exploring one of his favorite positions the crucifix and the many different variations of the crucifixes he uses in training and competition.  In the video below, Lisboa demonstrates both several ways to begin setting up the crucifix position and submission opportunities that begin to present themselves before he fully enters into the position he is searching for.

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The standard form of the crucifix position involves being perpendicularly situated behind the opponent controlling the arms with one's legs and arms at the same time, keeping them in a precarious position with their limbs outstretched.  This creates a dangerous type of back control that allows the attacker to use all of his limbs as weapons and also keeps them safely away from the hips of the person trapped in the crucifix.

Check out these cool set ups for yourself.  With his opponent, in this case Bernardo Faria turtled up, he uses his lead leg as bait to trap the near side arm in a couple different ways.  These make it easy to begin setting up the crucifix. Be on the lookout for Thomas Lisboa's upcoming DVD and On Demand instructional focused on his powerful crucifix game.


For more on the crucifix position, check out Alexandre Vieira's Crucifix and Loop Choke instructional.  You can get it here from BJJ Fanatics!




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