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BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide:  Travis Stevens

BJJ Fanatics Gift Guide: Travis Stevens


Time is running out on the BJJ Fanatics Gift Guides for 2017.  The pressure is on for you to take down the best gift possible for those special grapplers in your life.  Whether they are your friends, coaches, or even someone you'd like to see start BJJ in 2018, nothing is as valuable as the gift of knowledge.  And who better to learn from and defeat the last minute holiday gift seeking pressure, then BJJ black belt and Judo Olympic Silver Medalist Travis Stevens.

Travis Stevens is widely considered to be one of the hardest working athletes in competitive grappling and judo.  With a hard-nosed, no nonsense gritty style that was built not from years of living off of pure athletic talent, but from years of working hard to be the best one can possibly be.

Travis has surrounded himself with some of the best coaches and training partners available.  Working with Jimmy Pedro, legendary judoka and coach, as well as John Danaher, the Renzo Gracie black belt who help leads one of the most dangerous submission grappling teams in competitive jiu jitsu today.  He has taken that knowledge he has garnered from these competitive geniuses and added his own flavor and is ready to share it with you.

Whether you are interested in judo solely as an art in and of itself or as a supplement to your BJJ and grappling, you would be hard pressed to find a better resource than the "Judo Academy" series by Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens.  The majority of BJJ practitioners do not actively train judo.  Imagine the advantage you would have and the confidence you would feel, knowing that you've learned and practiced the same take downs and defenses that helped get Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens to multiple Olympic games representing America.

Learn from two of America's premier Judo athletes and coaches in the easy to access "Judo Academy" from Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens available here from BJJ Fanatics!

 Travis is a true cross-over athlete, achieving success in two of the most difficult sports one can attempt.  As a John Danaher black belt, he brings amazing knowledge and insight to his BJJ instructionals available below.

Everyone can use some additional submissions in their back pocket.  Why not eliminate the trial and error and learn from one of the best and add a whole pile of new weapons to your arsenal.

Get Travis Stevens' best-selling "Chokes" instructional here at BJJ Fanatics and make 2018 the year you dominate your opponents with these powerful techniques!

 In his "Attack and Defending the Turtle" Travis takes a position that can be frustrating from both an offensive and defensive perspective and explores how to make it a powerful and secure position from the bottom.  And from the attacking perspective, show you how to penetrate your opponent's shell and exploit these openings.

The Turtle position can be so much more than somewhere to catch your breath.  Check out Travis Steven's "Attacking and Defending the Turtle" instructional system available here on sale at BJJ Fanatics!

 Wrist locks are sometimes humorously looked down about as sneaky or dirty techniques, but they are no more sneak or dirty than leg attacks.  They can become an effective group of techniques that will make your game dangerous for any opponent.

Wristlocks are some of the most misunderstood submission attacks in BJJ.  Take advantage of BJJ black belt, Travis Stevens' knowledge of these all too ignored submissions by checking out "Wristlocks from Everywhere" available here at BJJ Fanatics!

Hopefully your holiday season is full of family, friends, and grappling!  If you need to get some last minute gifts, check out the BJJ Fanatics Gift Guides over the last week and find something to help improve a friend's knowledge of grappling.  Don't forget to treat yourself at this time of year as well and you would have trouble finding a better gift than one or ALL of Travis Stevens' instructionals available at BJJ Fanatics.



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